Sunday, September 21, 2008

cant wait!

im soo finallllly going to straighten my hair once and for all.ive wanted to do this since i ws thirteen.that's like 7 years ago!!geez,gler lama.i bought all the straightening creams out there but none seems to work it's magic on me:(

this couple of days has been hell for hair seems as tho it has its own brain.kinks everywhere.and its driving me mad.ask merr and nash.hahahahhaha.

so ive bertekad to do it.get it over and done with.i cant stand it anymoree.i dream about it,i think all the time about it, i even write in my diary about it.soo smwhere this week,i will finally do it,with herne taht is.YAY!!

i just hope it would turn out as how i've always imagined*fingers crossed*


great8plus1 said...

tak sabarnyeee!

nashrah said...

yeay u dah straightened ur hair!

helanistic.herneo said...

at last..happy tak??

great8plus1 said...


tp i kinda look chubby.hahhaha.