Saturday, September 20, 2008


u know that one person who u can always depend on,the one who can mk ur day by just being there doing nothing.

here's mine.his name is tawfiq and i call him baby:)

our morning routine would be something like this.

me:baby,can i kiss u?
baby:*nods*shows his right cheek, left cheek and forehead.
me:some more...
baby:puts his right hand on my lips, his left hand, followed by him pushing my head to his belly and down to his feet.
baby:okay dah. k.chickkk come here!(him grabbing my hand wanting me to watch barney with him)

Because of him, most of the time i'd be humming to Barney's songs which includes Mr.Sun, Old king Cole, The wheels on the bus and so much more. That is why at times, i have no idea what u guys are humming to and if u pay close attn, u would occasionally hear me asking u guys WHO IS THIS SINGER and WHAT SONG IS THIS???!

here's a couple of tawfiq's pics

i've actually have someone in mind for tawfiq!and that is sara, the baby living in front of my hse.she's a bit on the tomboy-ish side being the only grl in the family and all.but she is just soo adorable.just imagine a tanned-skined baby with light brown hair, cute button nose, pouty lil red lips with big innocent round eyes. believe me,she's somthing.she's beauty with a kick.

nway.back to the match-making story.i think they would be puurfect for each other coz:-

1. they share the same bday, same year,
2. live in the same neighborhood
3. sara's brother's name is also taufiq(with a U,that is)
4.they Love having their lips-locked to one anthr .usually sara would lean first and mk the frst move.hehe.i shall upload some pics of them doing wht they do best(kissing)in the near future.teehehehee;)

what are the odds kann?


Solitary Ace said...


Two words.

Super Cute!!
The baby girl kissed tawfiq?!


I see sparks flying..

Are you gonna nourish the spark into a flame kak chik?


aina said...

ooh definitely.

*pause for dramatic effect*



Azie said...

ok, he's totally gonna be a heartbreaker.

is he ur lil bro?
he's the cutest!!

if i have a lil sis, i would make sure that he'd become my adik ipar.

buhbye sara! HAHA.

great8plus1 said... fight nnt.hahhahahha

he's my cousin tp i see him everyday coz umah die sblh umah i.

great8plus1 said...

that was me,aina btw.hehhehe

S.H.A.Z.A. said...

aaaa...dia sgt c0mel!!!! lama tak jumpa dia dah. sgt c0mel la!!