Friday, September 12, 2008

a whole new chapter

some kids just called me AUNTY!me,aina shazea an aunty?!
i've nvr been called that before.never ever ever.this is a new feeling.a weird feeling.An annoyed, hardy harhar mixed with a ray of anger feeling.

i shouldnt be mad.should i?they're just little creatures.little confused creatures.

haish.budak2 zaman skrg.soo young,soo clueless.


Azie said...


take it as a compliment. u must've looked so sophisticated on that day, that they confused u with their english teacher. that they call aunty. :p

nashrah said...

who called u aunty? :))

aina said...

no lah.i ws soo selekeh.i ws at home.the kids dpn rumah dtg coz they wanna see the pond.maybe coz my selekeh-ness kot i look like a mak cik.hahhahahahhaha.