Sunday, September 14, 2008


I just finished watching oc season 4 and i cant believe it's overrrrrrrr.but smhw oc without marissa doesnt feel right.and i think taylor is uber annoying.urgh. her with her high-pitched voice squealing all the time.sheesh.she would never ever ever take marissa's spot!

ooh and summer and seth smhw has this awkward chemistry this season.not like those good old romantic days.i guess its partly due to the fact that they broke-up off screen.but summer is prettier than ever tho esp on her wedding day except that i think that her dress was a wee to big for it looked as though it was baju pinjam.she deserves better, a wayy prettier dress.but despite the wardrobe issue, she is still the summer i adore.

this season, im beginning to really like sandy cohen.aaaah.eventho he's old,he's such a he approached Kirsten during their Berkeley days,how he assured others everything would be okay during the earthquake episode eventho all he really wanted to do was to be with Kirsten and the boys.or what about the time when Kirsten felt smtg was wrong with the baby, how Sandy fought his way through so his wife could get medical attention.

he has proven that chivalry is still indeed very much alive:)

oooh i've found my jimmy cooper but where's my sandy cohen?sandy cohen,where art thou?*dreamy sigh*


nashrah said...

huhu sedih kan dah hbs :( i miss summer and seth so muchhh and marissa and ryan. i pun x ske taylor sgt. ryan ngan dier bcuz xde org lain dah:)) anyhoo, it will always be my fav tv series ever :D