Thursday, September 11, 2008

disappointed with self.

a self reminder.

aina,u gotta start focusing and start studying.

no more dawood and khalifah, no more bundle and bijou bazaars,no more going to pyramid and subang parade,no more blo0k and movies on tuesday nights, no more blajar driving malam-malam, no more going next door and playing with the baby, no more temaning aunty gina to kenduris, no more helping aunty gina making lepat labu and karipap, no more sleepover with the grls, no more movies at home in the evenings,no more spending time with tok baba and tok bubu, no more opening blogs, myspace and facebook, no more late night phone more.

must start studying.betul2 studying.ur wayyy behind ur league and u gotta catch up fast.ur results are uber disastrous and you dont pay attention in class.

u gotta study,study,study!and ignore all distractions.


Azie said...

to make u feel better.
all work and no play, makes jack a dull boy.

gettit? :p
so lets play all we want but by the end of the day, force ourselves to be grounded. (oh this is soo a reminder to self).

aina said...

oooh that's deep!hehe.tulah i dnt wanna be boring but i dnt wanna be too playful either.must be hand-in hand kann?

i'll keep ur words in mind,oh wise one:)