Monday, September 8, 2008

feeling germy

HOLY at the library waiting for my phonetics class to be specific the comp lab and its freezing cold.and i cant stop sneezing and my hingus keeps coming out and i have no tissue and that leads me to wipe my hingus using my hands and ppl are staring and whenever i touch my nose,my nose makes this squeky sound.gawd.pls help me.its soo sure these boys sitting around me are feeling soo grossed out right now.i would to if i were them.

im not feeling too good right now.why didnt i stay at home and watch oc instead?why o why?why do i have to humiliate myself in front of these smart strangers?why aina why?u should've eaten panadol bfore going to the fac tadi.urgh.

i sense a big one coming out rite now.i better run to the loo


nashrah said...

u wrote this while u were in the lab? :)) i shldve went inside and save u by teman-ing u to the toilet ke sumthing. sian u! sory! its ok, aina. we all have that moments. esp me during eating with other ppl. my nose will definitely berair cam bodo.