Thursday, September 4, 2008


i sorta knew today wasnt gonna be my day.

woke up late this morn.termiss subuh and tadarus with tok bubu.
waited for pana at tesl square.she came 15 mins later.suddenly the jap lines i rmbrd yday went kaput.i couldnt rmbr a single even watashi wa aina desu.

took a deep drama all my lines again and went for my role play test

i got really legs were shaking,palms were sweating,lips trembling.normal nervous signs. though i ws nervous, i thought i nailed it.or so i thought.

my sensei said my intonation ws all should go up down up down.instead, mine ws straight and english-like.pffft.that totally ruined my mood for the day

complained to nash about jap and had girly time with her at our spot.

around 12.30 ish,we had replacement class for edu psycho.we got our first test,was that icing on the cake or what.i failed.boohoo.

bcoz of that,my spirits lglah went downhill.couldnt stop thinking about how bad i did for psycho throughout class.

so aftr class, i went up to maam and argued my points.thank god, she tmbh one point.i reminded her to change my results in her computer.tehhehhee.just to mk point did not do justice to my spirits were still down.

then came drama and nash performed pgl.madam commented on how soft our voices were.she said only the first two rows can hear.bahhh.

later that evening i found out phonetics test this sunday will cover till chapter ten. shiatze.(that's german for shit)

au revoir,


safwan said...

chill2.. things dat goes down must come up...


Solitary Ace said...


Aina, chill babe..

wow.. you swore..


aina said...

thanks safwan and fiqa:)

and yess, i did;)

nashrah said...

hahaha aina always swears:)) its ok aina, i felt bad too on that day. hopefully things will get better. :)

Azie said...
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Azie said...

these endless tests, presentations, and performances has started to make me tired too.

and i thought studying english was supposed to be easy. :(

aina said...

tulah.its stressful kan.lets just get this sem over and done with.hopefully with flying colours;)