Monday, April 19, 2010

pre-holiday ramblings

hello world,


semester 6 is finally over :D this is my worst semester yet. the workloads and stress level sky rocketed.relationships and patience were tested and we endured despite the bickering and exchanging of harsh words. Maybe the administrators purposely bombarded us with shitloads of assignments and tests just to test us as people. whether we can cope under pressure.Thus having assignments piled upon us, I cant help but to ponder, how do one complete all and give their 100% in each assignment?because this time around, i did and completed my assignments for the sake of completing it and not give it my all.And for that, I'm scared of the results.


I'm 22 this year and I'm still single and yes I'm fine with that. I won't lie there are times when I get lonely and want to have someone whom I can turn to. And yes, there are times when I get a wee bit jealous when I hear my friends' love stories. However, to be honest I'm just not ready and I'm pretty comfortable on my own. I don't need a guy to make me feel complete. I'm independent that way:p I feel like there are more to life than just being glued to someone and for now I want to live life to my beat. (don't get me wrong I'm not dissing you if you're attached to your other half.This is just my personal opinion because I'm not ready. And no, this post does not refer to anyone :))


I'm a food-lover. I eat anything that is edible and allowed and I'm always up for food dares and experiments. (unless it's too gross like cicak masak kicap, then I have to pass) I think you get my drift. anyway, since I'm always so tensed these days, I tend to pig out and so, my body has expanded. say hello to unwanted love handles and jiggly arms-___-

so here I am now on a diet mission, (*cue destiny child's song survivor) and my mission is to omit everything deep-fried and opt for rice once a day. exercise by skipping rope for 300 times once in 3 days, swim for 10 laps or cycle for 30 minutes.Hopefully, my body would be like Angelina Jolie's in a month's time.Amen.


*Idina* said...

hey there~ you are super funny! haha~

aina said...

hey there idina.thanks for reading my blog:)