Tuesday, April 20, 2010

a dreamer.

greetings earthlings,

In the midst of study week, where everyone's head is deep buried in educational books, mine is deep in Sophie Kinsella's novels. I'm rereading all the novels for the umpteenth time cause you might just stumble upon new details that you haven't noticed before right?

besides that, I've also been stalking people's facebook pages and reading random blogs. and I happen to notice that so many couples are tying the knot this time around. perhaps it's the mating season?haha

since we're on the topic of weddings. lets shift the focus to ME, ME,ME!;p (*waves hands frantically*) I love weddings. I love everything about it. I love seeing wedding preparations, the matching costumes, the exchanging of gifts and etc. Such has led me to think about my future wedding though it's not anytime soon *fiuh*(wipes sweat off parents foreheads)

(Dont snicker, a girl's gotta dream too;p)

I would love love love to have a garden wedding. (with air-cond can or not? nanti makeup cair.hehe) The greens and flowers scream romantic!

ah yes, colour-coded bridesmaid wear. my bridesmaids must wear the same colour but should wear according to their tastes, personality and body types making them look tres' chic as well.

my hairstyle should be teased a bit accompanied with a sweet hair piece like the picture above. i like it to be kept at its minimal.simple is grandeur after all :)

okay,that's enough dreaming for tonight. will update more soon:D

(photos taken from google images)


great8plus1 said...

alia-love it~~ woohooo!

great8plus1 said...

alia-love it~~ woohooo!