Tuesday, April 14, 2009

sumpah malas giler nak buat pte

my hse is currently under construction.my toilet included.yabedabeedooo!!but what bugs me is a bunch of grown-ups in my parameter,discussing really loud and not knocking before entering.ishh.i'm a girl, i need my own privacy, a lil heads up before entering would be good.so when my room is in a mess, i could tidied it up beforehand.u can enter my space anytime u want but all I'm asking is for u to give me an hour's notice so i could do justice to it.kapish?:)

p.s-my grandma got me this really cute mirror for my loo.it's tres chic even for a mirror.currently going bananas over it.hihihi.


Moja Amin™ said...

the assignmnts are good in torturing us all. pls the classes that still running despite of STUDY LEAVE! ish.

jap. since when you are a food tester? Hahaha

nashrah said...

aina, i nk tgk mirror tu :D oh btw, smlm u on9 kat ym hahaha. it was at 2 smtg in the morning and i knew it wasnt u cuz i know ur already snoring under the covers. i think that was the virus i was telling u abt. tetibe je 'you' buzzed me bg an off9 msg. creepyyy

aina said...

mr president@moja,

tell me about it!i seriously dont feel like it's study leave.we're at the fac most of the time pon.i want my sleeeeeep:(

owh that's one of my dream jobs.it sounds like a cool/fun one!kan?kan?kan?

aina said...

miss vice-president@mashed potato,

once my hse dh hbs construction,i'll ajak u guys come to my hse.i wanna show u ze mirror.it's soo pretty!i can stare at it 24/7.hihihi.

hah.ye ke?omg scary nye!wat did i say?takutnye3x

p.a.n.a ★ ちゃん said...

i wana c d mirer tuu!!
tres chiiiic~

tp nk tgk gak la toilet..
bilik tak besaukan??

aina said...

no problemo.bler my hse dah siap,i ajak korang dtg mkn2 and we cn hang out kt my toilet.haha

p.a.n.a ★ ちゃん said...

Instead of d pool la ek?ははは~~

aina said...

hahahha.yup2.the pool tgh kotor.blergh~