Saturday, April 11, 2009

we were both young, when i first saw u

nash's post inspired me to write about my first 'boyfriend'.hahhaa.well,where do is start.we were both 13,we live in the same neighborhood, i was in the first class and he was in the last, i was a prefect and he was the bad boy.i didn't even like him at first, my sister thought he was cute so i copied and i liked him as well.haha.

i cant remember how we became an 'item' but i rmbr walking to school with him everyday,not saying a word to each other.hahha.we would stroll together along the school's corridor so the whole school would know we were an item.he's best friend lives across my hse and so we would spy on each other on friday nights(homework-free day) from our hses.when i see him him looking at me, he would duck and switched off his lights and i would do the was hilarious but adorable.

and for my 13th bday, he gave me a dolphin glass thingy and i thought it was really cute.i still have the dolphin but it's now dusty and being kept in my drawer.i really did like him, he was always there protecting me when ppl made fun of me. ppl nicknamed aina gedik growing up but he didn't care.

time went by,feelings changed, people changed, we broke up.i moved on to other guys and so did he with other here i am now, 8 yrs later, in my nightie, reminiscing about the first guy who stole my heart;)

p.s-pah, he's a syed*wink nudge nudge*


hajar :: aisyah said...

aww... aina~

fArHaNa said...

hahaha...u want me to say his name??? lollll
i even forgot u were ever together until u said syed~ ngeeeeeeee

btw, i remember the dolphin:D

aina said...


aina said...

farhana-hahahahhahahhahaahhahah.omg3X!malu malu gler!u cannot tell anyone i wrote about him!they would think i still have the hots for him!takleh3x.u have to pinky swear and spit on it next time i see u!

hahha.the dolphin dh berhabuk gler laa.

eyh wait,mmrs of u and a certain guy keeps flashing in my head la.a certain someone who looks like a singer.hmmmmmmmmn*evil grin*

Azie Nazri said...

hehehehehehehe this is super cute.
puppy love are always cute.

fArHaNa said...

haha...die dh len gile kot skrg?
i think d last time i saw his profile sumwhere he had this mohawk thing going n his hair cm merah? i was like whaaaaaaaat??

he used to be cute i dont blame u.hahahhhh=p

hmmm?u are referring to??? serius blur...haha...dont say his name out loud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! initials sudeh....hmmm sape????

S.H.A.Z.A. said...

s0 cute!! u spied on him. and vice versa! s0 cute!!!

aina said...

azie-i know!dua2 malu tp suka.hihihi.

aina said...

farhana-i know.such a turn-off.he turned out to be a rebel.and he's chubbier now too.oh well

oooh i tlupa nk bgtau u form 4, ada dinner and he was my date!but he was such a horrible date, he didnt know how to act around me pastue he hung out with the other grls.i swear masa tue i bengang gler.grr.

urs was f***d rmbr???hahahhaa

aina said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
aina said... budak2.the media was a
major influence i tell ya.i thought it was the real thing at 13.haha

fArHaNa said...

oh him keeeeee. hahaaa.. yeah of course i rmmbr...but he looks like a singer ke??
ugh. zmn tu still stupid lg.zmn kegelapan..lolllllll:p

aritu cmne ntah leh jmpe kat facebook. haha. pastu he was like 'hey remember me?' duh of course i remember d guy who dumped me! haha! :pppp

aina said...

they call him anuar zain laa.but no way nak pgl that dude by tht name.nama btul sudeyh.zaman kegelapan?!hhahahhahha.but it ws soo much fun!

u still hold a grudge against tht dude?hahha.wht he did ws unforgivable!a grl nvr forgets the first one

fArHaNa said...

haah laaa..baru teringat. heee. grudge against him pun...
a girl never fogets~

omg aina...still cnt believe u pnah suke syed...hahahhhh:pppp
after die break ngan u die ada couple ngan someone else kan? sape ek?xingat dah,

aina said...

i know!i ws such a kid back then.werent able to think straight yet:p

he went out with our junior if im not mistaken.cant rmbr her name la.but i know she's really cute and had really pink lips.hahha.then she moved to anthr school. said...

seluar tinggi sgt :P

aina said...

babyyy,u actually read my blog! flattered.ooh aah.i left dt part out.hahaha said...

of course la i read ur blog. i check it almost every day.
P/s: i cut my hair short. again

aina said... ke?hehehe.babe,asal i cant read ur blog?why is it private?!!!!!!!!

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