Friday, April 17, 2009


omg aina.get a hold of yerself.u got a test tmrw and all ur thinking about is shopping!u bought four pairs of shoes, 2 bags, a couple of accessories and wasted soo much money in the past 3 days and u want moreeeeeeeeeeeeee stuff?sgt membazir.stop being so shallow and start concentrating on tmrw's paper.u can splurge later on after ur finals but now u gotta study,study,study.

i know when u shop, all ur worries are drown the drain and it's just the happiest feeling.but keep in mind, that the happy feeling is stop wasting your money and start concentrating.


gNoLa miDen said...

ish3...aina!!! jgn membazir...berjimat cermatlah...huhu...study2...

aina said...

i know!but i cant help myself

p.a.n.a ★ ちゃん said...

gilela u..
skali beli 4 tu..

midin tak penah pon komen blog i aina..
tah2 tak link pon..
wat penat je ak link susa paya..

aina said...

pana-chan-bile i switch on to my shopping mode sume bende i nakkk.hahaha.

midin tau tak u ada blog?!!!wei,nnt blaja skali nak x?

p.a.n.a ★ ちゃん said...


Blanje pe?

aina said...

blaja ke blanje?hahhahaha

blaja pte and lit la

i blanje shoes and bags

does this answer ur ques?hahaha

p.a.n.a ★ ちゃん said...

ooo blaja..
nant my clas will hv a clas b4 final pte..
jom la join!
nant i tell u when..2 or 3 may mayb...

jom blaja

Anonymous said...

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