Tuesday, April 21, 2009

i wanna get out.

i suddenly feel like getting out of shah alam, out of my comfort zone and go somewhere faaaaaaar.i have been living here all my life,every corner, road, building, section has it's own significance to me.this is the place where i grew up in. friendships, tales , stories, events were all based in my sleepy town.my past was carved in this land i called home.i love everything about it, despite it being a tad boring without cinemas or big shopping complexes.

so i think it is time that i say goodbye to those memories i built here and start collecting new ones someplace else.i feel it is my time to grow.so with that,i think i shall apply the internship application and insya Allah i can soar my wings in the land of opportunities right after i have finished my degree.


nafasdunia said...

inshAllah sayang!

we'll go out from msia la. not only shah alam. oke ke?


aina said...

sgt ok!!!!!hahha

i nk buat my internship kat us.i nak keje kat sana.waaaaaaaaa~


Ibrahim said...

It's completely perfect to be ambitious. But economy is not that good, I think. Experience Sabah.

aina said...

hhmmn.good idea!i shall think about it:)