Friday, April 24, 2009

p-p-pppp-oker face the midst of exam week,i am able to fall eyes are super duper puffy and looked as though i've been crying nights long.(which i haven't ok)my nose is red like bozo the clown, voice coarse like a man trying hard to be a woman.oh and what else, i have not been studying due to the fact that my head is spinning round and round which leads me to sleep for hours not fit to meet people either coz my runny nose keeps on running and that requires me to hold a tissue against my nose.and at times, pieces of the tissue gets stuck to my nose and i often don't realize it making me looked like a complete dufus.this is how i see it, the tissue is like the paper and my hingus as the glue.i reckon the humid weather plays a significant role for this illness i'm having.

im praying tomorrow i'll be better so i could finally switch on to my geeky mode and bury my head deep in my books.

adios amigos and gambatte kudasai everyone!


syazni.abdullah said...

kte serupa..


tp mine da ok,pg klinik eh

nafasdunia said...

take care babe

Farzen Master said...

ur post has seriously ruined my appetite. I might even hv nightmares on loogie and phlegm. (ó.ò)

Azie Nazri said...

ohhh thats too bad. but at least we're on hols. so u wouldnt have to skip classes kan?

hope you get well soon. eat lots of chicken soup. great for flues.

dont worry too much on the books. we've still got time. focus on getting well first.


Farzen Master said...

Ur tagged my Queen!!!

aina said...

k.azni-i rasa kan skrg nie is the fever season.i know 4 ppl rite now yg tgh fever.bestnye k.azni dah ok!

aina said...

teddy-thanks darl:)

aina said...'s my pleasure my dear king.i shall do the tageed game nnt.sounds like fun

aina said...

azie-thank u azie.ur comment made me smile.tulah.skrg pon i cant study coz im too dizzy.

see u this thursday:)

ubey said...

p-p-pppppoker face. dap dap dup dup just dance~