Thursday, April 30, 2009

pre-holiday preparation

the heart feels like it's been hit so many times burns.

a huge part of me is hype about the semester break.but the other huge part is scared and wants time to move as slowly as possible.

nana is leaving on a jet,though we bicker a lot, u know i've got ur back and u've got mine.not seeing u for one whole friggin year would be devastating.i cant imagine not seeing u for a whole week,but now ur going for one whole year!who's going to text everyone to lpk?and what about raya?not having our raya together?!dont get me started on bday's:'(

this is starting to get a wee depressing

why cant things be the way i want:(
oh babyyyy,this holiday is going to be hard.i feel it in me bones.


S.H.A.Z.A. said...

sedeynyer.. :'(

nafasdunia said...

olo aina.

feel like babying u now!


be strong banana!

aina said...

aww.thanks guys.i deleted the second half coz mcm depressing gler.