Monday, March 9, 2009


1)where's the line that distinguishes flirty and friendly?
2)why cant i seem to do my lit and media assignment?
3)why cant i sleep these days?sleep i miss thee
4)why does my tummy keep doing these weird somersault sounds?
5)how do one remain poise and at the same time say no?

argh.the dilemma.


safwan said...

when is the semester gonna end...?

another question..

Romzi said...

why should we study to sir with love for literature? cant we do Harry potter instead? hehe

aina said...

safwan-aah.setuju!cptlah hbs nie!!!

romzi-u found me! still stuck at page 30 for to sir with love.bkk je buku,mesti tertido.hehe.

Azie Nazri said...

1)where's the line that distinguishes flirty and friendly?

i knoww! it gets so frustrating sometimes when all u intended to do was being nice and then it suddenly becomes all wrong.

perhaps being unfriendly is a good thing sometimes. ke tak? hehe.

btw, aina, i was still in Penang on the 9th so i missed your yummy cookies.
do tell if you're gonna sell them in the future k?

aina said...

azie- it's like they text us, so the friendly way is to reply back but then when we reply they think we're into them plak.haihhh.

i seriously dnt know the i guess being unfriendly@sombong@jual mahal is the way to go.

my booth its on the 24th march la.soo yeay, u can make it!

gNoLa miDen said...
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gNoLa miDen said... isfull of questions.But sometimes we don't have 2 answer all da question...let it be a mystery!!! hehe...4 example:
" Friends are like oxygen & CO2s? They complete us. But, oxygen actually starts the may destroy...
How about CO2s?It stops the fire...but it pollutes the air...
And me? which i belong 2? hurm...(puffing...fuhhh!!!)

aina said...

hahahhaa midin nie kalut plak.soo funny