Friday, March 6, 2009

of love bug and backache

i woke up with the happiest feeling.i dreamt jay z was my lover(and no,beyonce wasn't in the picture)and i sat on his lap and we giggled and talked and i played with his arm and it was heaven.pure heaven.heheehe.

that dreamy feeling lasted the whole morning.then when afternoon came, my back became so sore, so sore that i wasn't able to stand up straight and had to sit with a pillow behind me.the soreness kinda feels like the one you would get before+during your period.rasa cam nak tergolek-golek.but the thing is my time of the month just ended so it cant be it,can it?

i don't know how to ease the pain so i popped a few gastric pills.i hope i'll be okay soon.

oh and i'll be going to malacca this weekend,i have to be a facilitator for my mum's workshop.i'm praying business students are as friendly as tesl's;)