Thursday, December 25, 2008

bad day

i did something really bad today.wait.i did a couple of really bad things that im not proud of today and fuck,its not a good feeling(pls excuse my language.i swear when im upset)i feel like babbling all these to someone but heck,i dont really have anyone except u and my diary.usually i would turn to shahrir for comfort tp takkan lah everytime something goes wrong i'd turn to him.he's my ex-boyfriend for heavens sake.

and that feeling of not having anyone to talk to sucks.big time.

if only there's an invention where one could go back in time,today would definitely be one of those days.

rasa cam nak nangis je.babi big enough to not cry over petty things like this.i can go through this without shedding a single tear.its all my fault pon..i deserve to feel the way i do now.

serves me right.


Farzen Master said...

I sure as hell wouldn't wanna be one pissin' u off anytime soon...ur scary!!...(ó.ò)

aina said... ok now!!!!wheee:)

nafasdunia said...

hey banana!
thing goes wrong?
u have me wat.
i love to hear n share :)

aina said...

aww.thanks teddy:)