Sunday, December 28, 2008


i feel inspired and accomplished.these sudden emotions are due to the fact that i,aina shazea bt saiful azhar has successfully painted her room.i mean,my's now salmon pink and dark pink(yes u heard it right,it's pink!)i've always wanted a girly room and voila i got one now!my previous room was quite girly but the walls were soo dull,so white,so boring.oh and i have also re-decorated my room.changed some of the furnitures positions,threw some stuff,bought some stuff as well just to add more zest to it.

my room looks soo different now.i cant believe how a new colour can add a whole new feel to my humble this morning,i woke up and i thought i was somewhere else.the first thought that sprung in my pening head was that i was at nana's.coz her room's pink took me several minutes to actually realize that i was actually at home.hehe.

i am now scouting for a black and white big picture to put against my featured wall.u know just like eva longoria has in desperate housewives:P.i am hoping my aunty gina would voluntarily paint one for me.teeheeheee.i dont wanna be too forward though.i know she is going through a hard time with her operations and all.i wish her all the best.maybe she can paint one for me in the future?*hint hint*

i shall upload some pictures of my 'new' girly room one of these days.insya Allah.

till next time.


Azie Nazri said...

a pink room??

high five aina!

a pink room doesnt only makes me feel girly than ever, but it makes me feel all cosy too. (it was previously coloured white too so yea, it was dull)

looking forward for the pics!

nafasdunia said...


want to redeco mine too!~
but, i need a new house 1st..
hhaha :P

aina said...

azie->u go girl!isnt pink like the new black?;P

teddy->i thought u have two houses?wait make that 3.counting the one dpn fac.oh wait.ur not talking about wht i think u are.i.e_> ur status kat fb the othr day.okay,i shall see u tmrw and korek cite.hehhehee