Tuesday, December 23, 2008

bye bye year

2008 is coming to an end.frankly,im bummed.being the bum bummer i am,i'm bummed(just feel like rhyming there.hehe).being a year older means more responsibilities which will then result in more chaos and commotion.

2008 can be considered a good year for me.ive learned so many things, explored many ventures,went through a whole series of ups and downs,met great people and etc.but the prominent aspect I want to highlight here is that I believe I am a much wiser person than I was before.

The ‘good’ people I once believed was ‘all that’dosent seem so good after all.all this while,I saw what I wanted to see.this year I learn to unravel both the good and bad of people. I’m a tad disappointed I must say,but hey, im just a kid,they say.

Ive learned about myself too.ive learn to accept the person I am,flaws and all.and when Ive succeeded in that field,I believe I am a much happier person.i do things that makes me, ME and not soo much of what others wants me to be.gettit?

p.s->isn't my title just the corniest?:P

2009,here i come!


Azie Nazri said...


experiences good or bad.
always make us wiser.
but not older.
we'll always be young at heart.

Happy New Year, Aina! :)

aina said...

hhahahhhahha.oh very true darling!

happy new year to u too!