Saturday, October 25, 2008

i made cupcakes today and it was awesome!

it definitely put a smile on my face and i needed that:))

thanks mry and nash for the recipe books.i had a good read on both.and the cupcake recipe it's from nash's gift 'baking day'

love u chicas<3


Farzen Master said...

looks good...nak skit!! u do delivery? nak order blh?...haha... 8)

nashrah said...

aina, i dunno y i xley comment u. bile sum1 comment dulu, br i bley. OH CUPCAKESSS!! :D nak raseeee! glad ur already making use of d book hehee

aina said...

hhahhahahha.but my decorating skill still needs improvement.klu ada lg i bwk this tues for u guys okie?;)

nash,really?!that is sooo weird!
next cooking mission:lemon cheesecake!i just hv to find out where i can get ricotta cheese

Azie said...

kat tesco ada kut aina ricotta cheese tu?

weeee bleh bukak bakery dah ni! :D

penanya (?) said...

hello~~~ u kawan amzar ye?

aina said...


ada jual kt tesco ey.really?cheyyy.bakery?*dreamy sigh*(hehehehe)

yesss,i kawan ngn amzar!u kenal dieeee?!!