Thursday, October 23, 2008

totally random,darling

as u can see,i've changed my blog layout.its now all grly and flowery.heehee.well,nash inspired me to change my layout coz i went to her page and i ws like eee.lawanye her page and thus i decided i wanted one too!a new look,i mean!i just dnt like the colour of the fonts of this current one coz it's soo hard to differentiate between the post and title.anyways,if sempat i shall change it's look once more.

this is totally random and has nothing to do with i've written up here but i wanna karaokeee.i wanna sing my heart out and dance around with my jammies and a mike on one hand and be freeee.i wanna pretend to be michelle from destiny child's with my girlies and sing to her deep yet squeaky lines.i cant wait for this sem to be'll be sad saying goodbyes to all the mmrs this sem has to offer but heyy, there's always next year kannn?

i wanna let loose.


nashrah said...

yeay layout cantik :D