Monday, October 27, 2008

cepatlaa balik!

my parents are in bandung.having their second honeymoon.(euwww,delete mental pic)anyway,the hse is quiet and in a way,it's kinda sad.everyone's doing their own thing and i barely talk to anyone here.azzam is at his fren's hse,sorta making it his second home.tak blk lgsg.if he comes home pon,just to take clothes,dvds and games.k.shana plak is in her room 24/7,either on the phone,reading her agatha christie's or sleep.if she's not in her room it's either she's out with her boyfie or to the lib.

i had a huge fight with her on the day of my parent's departure.and we havent talked or looked at each other since.the fight is really's about buku CTU.the yellow-covered green leaf book we used last's like this, the buku is originally hers and she gave it to me last sem so early this sem i gave the book to alia, who is taking ctu this sem.meaning i gave alia dh lama gler la kann.then suddenly outta the blue she came barging in my rooom asking for the book coz her friend wants to pinjam that is how the buku drama started.

i miss my parents.i realized that when my parents are not around, there's nothing there tht connects me and and my siblings.and as much as i try to make peace,the other party wants otherwise.

thus, i know my susah-payah trying to make peace agenda wont work coz it takes two to tango.


helanistic.herneo said...

and it takes 3 to do a threesome.
sorry aina, i aint helping...

Farzen Master said...

words of wisdom by cik herne helan...hahaha...genius

nashrah said...

alaa sian u. i lupe ur parents xde. when r they coming back? ape kate u main ngan tawfiq je. u wont be so alone :D