Wednesday, September 1, 2010

i can't hold it in any longer

So many things are going right now. I’m so tired of school; I’m so tired of being the coolie where everyone bosses me around in school be it teachers, clerks and school administration. I did everything asked with a smile on my face. I’m currently the painter, the ajk kebersihan for katam quran ceremony, the tutor for Peralihan students (students who have trouble reading and speaking) and on top of it all, I’m a trainee teacher who gets observed 4 times by her supervisor and 6 times by her mentor.

Everything I do is not par to the ‘school standard’. I can’t stand it any longer. If u want the school to look pretty, hire a freaking painter. I am not inclined to doing art works therefore you shouldn’t put much hope in my mural. Talking behind my back to students and other teachers on how dissatisfied you are with my mural won’t make you people any popular.

I just want to cry and be a student once again. I’m not getting paid so please be kind to all my voluntary works. I’m really trying my best.

Oh and to topped it all off, the students are currently being extra annoying and rebellious these past days. They even put on a show in front of my lecturer. Well, just the purrrrfect timing.

p.s-oh and my friends are pushing my buttons on such silly matters. seriously, I feel like I’m going loony


hajar :: aisyah said...

my my... hang in there dear. with all the raya and cuti, ada sminggu je lagi.

semingguuuuu je :)

nashrah khan said...

huhu aina, i sendiri geram when reading this. u need to rant! mashed potato and celery/strawberry to the rescueeee!

z a w a n i b a d r i said...

we're in the same boat :) bertabahlahh lagi 7 hari je lagi ;)

aina said...

hajar-hee.i knowww.tak sbr :))

nash-yea.we should meet up.pronto!we need our girly sesh

wani-thanks 5 hr lagi ;)

Anonymous said...

i hope u'll be fine :) hang on there..and i wish u lots and lots of luck! may the good force be with u..take care..selamat hari raya in advance! :D

Sang Petapa said...

Sedih nye bce ur story. :'(
Kamu bertahan aina! Hanya tinggal seminggu je lg...Your students will regret soon...bcoz they'll never get a good teacher as good as you anymore after this...padan muke dorg!