Friday, April 2, 2010

because I can't stand it anymore.

Some bus drivers are so discourteous and rude. I feel embarrassed for them. Note the determiner used. (some, not all okay!)

Like how I run like a mad donkey in my baju kurung just to get on the bus after a class and when I finally arrive at the door, you don’t seem to have the courteous to open the door. Mind you, I am a paying customer therefore, people like me who rides the bus daily are your customers, yes? You make a living because of us. So why don’t you be a little less selfish and just stop and open the effin door for us?

I can’t stand bus drivers who are so self-centered and won’t let people ride the bus because some of the customers do not seem to possess the ‘touch and go’ card? I don’t know how some of these bus drivers have the heart to shoo these customers from entering the bus eventhough the customers are willing to fork out cash. I find it rather rude.

What irks me the most is when bus drivers behave such as the above mentioned to children and the old aunties and uncles. Where is your senses, how can you be so heartless? Just imagine these little kids were your own children or the old aunties and uncles were your parents left alone under the scorching sun because some jerk does not want them on their bus. It’s so not so nice and funny now right?

So next time be a little more courteous, think of others instead of yourself.

Or else, I swear I will take your number and name and write a letter of complaint to the authority. Let’s see who’s the last one laughing now, shall we?


missyonne said...


go fot it.

customer's right. or shud i name it.

human's right

great8plus1 said...

tulah teddy.i nak sgt!!

perhaps one of these days!