Monday, November 9, 2009

current random thoughts.

tmrw is doom's day and yes, im still online thus makes me dead meat.what have i been doing this past 3 weeks?!why am i still online and blubbering here in written thoughts?!!

gosh,i need a hardcore hakdush.

i just cant wait for jkt.i need my retail therapy known as shopping.

going nuts over doc martens lately but the price is sky high.might as well get a job here to save up some moolah as to get my hands on those beauty.hubba hubba.

oh and i need new pants as well.preferably light blue slashed skinnies. (though i'm aware that my meaty legs aren't skinny pants size,i shall be optimistic and pray hard that my dreams and prayers of shedding some extra kilos will once and for all, be true.)fyi, i used to be really skinny back when i was in std 6.oh good old days...then hormones & food destroyed everything..damn you!

okay.enough blubbering.gotta head the books.tarra tarra now.