Monday, June 15, 2009

im an eating machine.

The battle with the weight continues. I vow to myself every morning to not eat too much during the day and yet every day without fail, I fail to fulfill my promises. Le sigh.Im disappointed with myself. Especially during this holiday season when I’m home most of the time, I have nothing better to do but to check out cooking sites and whipped out new desserts and pigged out afterwards .alone and guilty. tsk tsk.

after being guilty for eating too much, I cycle. Konon konon nak sweat it out lah. After sweating for 15 mins on the cycling machine, my mind shifts to food yet again. I eat small portions of meals but countless times. Haih. Like that lebih baik, eat one big portion and get done with it.

When I login to facebook, I see all kinds of application involving food. Especially the big apple application where u can send donuts to friends.aaaaaaaaa. i crave for donuts nearly every day now. Haih. I will tell the baby about donuts and he will crave for it too. He will then throw a temper tantrum urging aunty gina to bring him to the donut place. Aunty gina, being a vulnerable ,caring yet clueless of my devious tactics will follow her son’s wishes and bring him there. This is where I tag along. Sneaky yet smart.

Suffice to say, this holiday has made me three inches wider.


Azie Nazri said...

HAHAHAHAHA very sneaky indeed!

home does the same to me. the snogging part I mean hehe. I try to not eat after 7pm and that does kinda work. I hope.


p.a.n.a ★ ちゃん said...

org biase grow 3" taller..

kat fb bkn ade byk mulut berair food jek..
org2 pnye shoutout yg selfconfess diorg da maken gemok sempena cuti ni pon belambak..

same la kite~

aina said...

azie-woah azie.u sound all british i must say.hehhehe.i pon try my best to eat b4 7 but i would always nibble after that.teehee

aina said...

pana-i knoww!u pon dh gemok?whooppeee.i ada geng.*high 5*hahha.jgn lupa plan kt nak g sushi groove nnt.i nak air die but what isit called ey?i telupa meh.

p.a.n.a ★ ちゃん said...

mintk2 kegemokan i tak obvies nexsem..huhu

mmm..mocktail sth kot..
but nextime i don really want da air..

aina said...

i rmbr ada orange smtg

i pon mintak2 tak obvious.amin.oooh u takleh gemuk,u nak buat operasi cari bf jepun rmbr?hahahahha

nyonya said...

same here aina. i keep on binging all the fatty food and my "what to eat" list is getting longer. haihhh...

farhan hassan said...

ko na ikot aku joging tak ptg2? aku slalu jog sorang2 ptg.

aina said...

wan-hahhaha.i cant imagine u putting on fat tho.takpe once the sem starts, we diet la crazeyyyyy

aina said...

paan-nak nakkk!count me in!tmn tasik or around ur neighbourhood?