Friday, March 27, 2009


the spca event went well. despite being tired, sore and a bit annoyed about certain incidents,i could conclude that it was a success.for those who came and supported us,a big thank u to all of u:)))
i really appreciate u guys stopping by the booth and buying the cookies and melted kek batek.i seriously do not know how to make the kek batek keras.

on to another story, i'm abit bummed that spa q has ended.i have to admit that at times i do feel a bit ticked off with some of the characters. Nevertheless the show has the ability of making me glued to the tv screen, eyes popping, mouth open wide, saliva drooling. It provides me or us viewers a glimpse of the twisted tale in the lives of the rich and famous. Besides that, the show is something my mum and I share. That one hour show is the only time we would hang and talk. So yea, I guess you could say it’s a mother-daughter thang.

i hear the new telenovela is not bad either.but hmmmn I guess I’ll just wait and see.