Sunday, March 22, 2009

malasnya nak g fac tmrw

i currently have body cramps all over my body due to baking and stirring.i can practically feel muscles forming in my right hand and thus i really reallly hope our booth this tues, 'when my tummy rumbles' will be a success.i'm praying that it can cover our expenses, energy, time and effort.

so please support us this tues.we will be at foyer engineering.i repeat foyer engineering.not dc okay.

dh tak larat sgt dh nie.i feel like im about to passed out.

p.s-i now know i crack under pressure.bummer:(

p.s.s-a little birdie went back today.i called him so many times today on his cellie, but he didn't pick up.i miss him terribly already.double bummer:(


gNoLa miDen said...

Huhu...siannye kat kawan i nih...dun worry,if there's nothing to stop me from going 2moro,i'll go & support u dear...semoga ape yang u usahakan selama ini membuahkan hasil & yang paling penting,u happy!!!

aina said...

i effin h8 the little birdie now

aina said...

cis midin u tak dtg pon*hak dush*