Tuesday, March 3, 2009

come lah, support us

my friends and i will be opening a booth on the 24th of march 09 at dataran cendekia(*i dont how to spell this).u know, the one near mawar, the courting spot for lovebirds and starving mawar-ians.we'll be opening a dessert booth, so for those who have a sweet tooth, be sure to join in the fun.we will be selling big-sized choc chip cookies, colourful cupcakes, sweet pies and loads more, all at a very reasonable price:)

datang tauu



Azie Nazri said...

big sized choc chip cookies??
sounds yummy!!

will come, insyallah!

aina said...

yup.with choc chunks and choc chips made from love by moi.hehe.

rm1.50 only.ajak ekin and dayana skali k:)

aina said...

eyh diyana*