Monday, December 29, 2008


i suck at impromptu speeches.i do,i really do.when out of the blue, someone calls my name asking me to gv a speech in front of a crowd,i automatically become this giggly's embarrassing i tell ya.E-M-B-A-R-R-A-S-S-I-N-G!

lemme give u a couple of my tummy-flipped thwarting impromptu speeches i've experienced:-

18 yrs old,pre-degree part 2

Had this seminar mdm maftuhah forced us to attend. We were the eldest participants there,the rest were still in high school or should I say they were still babies. Half way through the seminar, half of our classmates left. I think they went to klcc. Anyway ,the rest of us stayed.and to our dismay, they started picking out candidates randomly to gv a speech in front of everyone. They’d give a random topic and expect you to gv your 2 cents about it. And because of that, I purposely chose a sit in front, near the speaker so the ‘kakak’ wont pick me but nooooo.she just had to pick me. She went past the speaker and quickly shoved a paper in my hand.ooh and I rmbr herne telling me that she had a feeling I’d be chosen. and boy was she right.oh well, lucky me. I got a topic entitled ‘popularity’. As I went up, I saw my mates grinning with encouraging eyes and smiles carved on their cute faces. And me being me, I started speaking gibberish with both my hands flying all over the place. I cant really rmbr what I said. But i rmbr touching on proms and handbags with loads of ‘likes’ in between. when I saw the audience’s puzzled looks, I said ‘u may think im a blonde or a bimbo but im not ok’and the crowd burst into fits of giggles.I seriously don’t know what got into me. why oh why did I say that.grr.embarrasing.

20 yrs old.yesterday.2 days before entering part 4(yesterday)

Yesterday was tok baba and tok bubu’s 50th wedding anniversary.we held the ceremony at my hse. We sat in a circle as my uncle recited a few dua’s and nasihat about marriages. suddenly he started calling each and every one of us to give a speech on my grandparents.i sat behind k.shana thinking I could hide behind her and get away with it.and again,I was wrong.when my name was called, I nearly wet myself. I dunno how I looked,but I must have given a petrified look coz my cuz’s started laughing.(thanks guys,you guys are really supportive*note sarcasm*).I can rmbr my exact speech since it’s till fresh in mind:-

“assalamualaikum everyone.Tok ba and tok bu,thank you for everything.i appreciate the times we ‘ve spent together. the shopping sprees, the trips, the holidays, the dinners, the lunches, the tea breaks. I know I can always rely on the both of you when I need someone. With the both of u,I feel as tho.i could talk about anything from dishes,recipes,food,islam to boyfriends.and with that,I thank u”

Ok.that wasn’t so bad but I still feel I could’ve done better.grr.especially at the end.when I uttered boyfriends,I saw my dad adjusting his seat as sign of uneasiness.hahhahha.that was funny.but on a more serious note, I really do talk abbout boyfriends with them.seriously.and i do want to polish my speeches,esp impromptu English sucks, man.

Ok.i wanna go next door and play with my best friend, the baby.toodle dee doo.

(I just hafta include parents are making out like crazy rite now.they think im not looking but I am.erk.disgusting.the sight of them kissing still gv me the shivers)