Friday, October 17, 2008

my day so far

erk.i have the worst sore throat and our final drama is next week.eeee.i shouldn't have drank iced drinks, chewed iced and had ice-cream.i should have listen to ma'am.and now my throat is oh my

oh today k.shana is having her open hse.but why do i feel its as tho its my opn hse?i peeled the potatoes, mashed them, cut kuih, susun the kuih, rearranged the furniture and etc whilst she supervised. and now she's urging me to 'help' her make sandwiches pulak. she just walks around the hse, and bosses me.haih.sisters.

but despite my aching throat and being pushed around by my the evil stepsister, im happpppppy:)


Farzen Master said...

I'm having soar throat as well...why oh why didn't we listen to madam's advice?....

nashrah said...

ee mase ni u jumpe comm bulat. eh i mean batu hahahahaha