Saturday, August 16, 2008

i hate it when ppl leaves:'

i went to farhana yem's kenduri yday(ana, my so-called twin sister.hehe)anyway,i met my old buddies.cik farah hassan,nadia ayam,mussy and of course farhana yem..and today is acap's farewell party pulak.last week was nael's.everyone's leavinnnnnng.alaaaaa:'

i rmbr aftr high school thinking how i will hate that day when evryone leaves and now that dreadful day has come.everyone is leavinnng stuck in this ho-hub town.foreverrrr gonna be that character on tv where everyone leaves,get rich,come back home and see me working in a diner or gas station.i can actually imagine myself.a mop on one hand with a baby wrapped on anthr crying.oh shit.


Jorge said...

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Solitary Ace said...


Aina! Chill! My god, your imagination sure runs wild if it is not contained...


no. you won't end up being the diner girl.. you're too cute for that.. ;P

aina said...

ececece.tnks darl.nk i blanja bbuka ka?hahhahahhahahhaha.but u knw wht,i've nvr lived anywhere besides sa.klu pindah pon,from one sec to anthr je.i tringin nk be on my own,in anthr state pon takpe.just to know wht it feels like.

fArHaNa said...

Hye aina!!!
you know what, i was google-ing myself just to see if anything came up... and i found ur blog! haha. coz it had my name on it. LOL.

im coming home this feb! but one week je..isk. 1-8 feb! ;p