Tuesday, August 18, 2009

to new beginnings!

yesterday's event brought me back to the past.old feelings came gushing back like waves crashing.how could i let someone treat me so low, so insignificantly embarrassing?how was i able to forgive and forget and move on, like everything's hunky dory?whilst the truth is, i am crying inside?how could i still carve a smile and secretly hoping for the better?how could i blame myself for defending the truth for i have not done anything wrong?

a friend once said to me 'respect yourself first and others would respect you' and that made me think deep about the past, the present and everything else.all these while, i cared so much about pleasing others that i forget to please myself.and because of such nature, people tend to stomped all over me and i'm tired and sick of it.

and so from now on, i would not allow anyone to kick, push,punch me anymore.i shall respect myself more, treat myself like the queen i desire because no one has control over me,my thoughts,my body, my mood other than myself:)


Farzen Master said...

You'll always be my queen. XD

Aziz said...

Aina, I've just linked your blog to mine =)

great8plus1 said...

syeikh-awww.u'll always be my twisted blood-crazy king!

aziz-thanks aziz.i shall link ur blog as well.


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