Thursday, April 2, 2009

what have i become

Today started off on a rough start. but the most sinful act I’ve conducted so far was me being an arse, not giving my bus seat to the old, Chinese lady, carrying a handful of stuff.I wanted to stand up and tapped on her shoulder and give her my seat but a part of me was too lazy to get up plus I didn’t wanna look like a suck-up in front of other passengers and I also had the dumb mentality that why should I be that person who gives her seat, why not others? As the bus started moving, I felt bad. If everyone were to think and behave the way I did, the world is really going upside-down. Urgh. Why should I even care what they think of me, I won’t see them again, let alone meet them. I can be such an arse at times.

oh what have i become:/

on to a cheerier note, Ive received my very first online purchase and now i'm on a mission for more


gNoLa miDen said...

Haha...kelakar la u ni...lex sudah...idup mmg camtu...sometimes we should think about ourselves...Bukan pentingkan diri sendiri la.Tapi demi kepentingan diri.xkan nak berdiri kot...penat tu...huhu

aina said...

midin!ini bende serious la!sian aunty tu