Tuesday, April 7, 2009

oh no.this semester is coming to an end. u guys will be going back to your hometown soon and sa will be so quiet without all of u:/

i will esp. miss micro teaching-i had so much fun being the student.i can actually imagine u guys in action.nash the cool teacher, k.own the garang one, safwan the goofy science teacher, mry the creative stylish teacher and syafrein the 'konon konon' garang teacher tp tak jd and everyone else.i enjoyed every minute of it:))



safwan said...

uh hyuck!


[tetap nak intext citation...]

Anonymous said...

being the student is definitely the best part.. just wait till u guys get to part 6.. it gets even more crazy.. hehe :p

Anonymous said...

u leh gi oversea lg kan kan kan?
spend ur holiday with ur family k..

Anonymous said...

our mtls class is the best class i've ever been in! :) seronok!
rindu lah nanti :(


aina said...

safwan- verry good safwan, says teacher aina to safwan.


aina said...

mimie-hey, thanks for dropping by:))
cant wait for what part 6 has to offer.tulah, i'd rather be a student than being out there in the working world.out there sounds scary

aina said...

yana-insya Allah.ohh why dont we go out on a trip?just the grls.melaka sounds goood!

aina said...

mary-tell me about it bebeyh!fyi, this is the frst time ur commenting.i'm soo proud of u:'->proud tear