Wednesday, April 8, 2009

greetings earthlings.

one more journal to go and i'm freeee.feel like blubbering something out here in cyberspace world but got nothing on my mind except thoughts of my aching ulser, rumbling tummy, and the last journal.oh and my cuz's bday.

saf, i cant blive ur 21!though ur there in down under and i'm here in the hot sunny weather, i'm soo proud of u.we've gone through so much together, fights, break-ups,hook-ups, deaths, divorces, cookoo maids, runaways, celebrations, corny crushes, goodbyes, hellos, secrets, vacays, bitching, pulling each other's hair out, embarrassing moments and so much more!

i love u cuz

eyh wait, i just realized the line 'ur there in down under and i'm here in the hot sunny weather' actually rhymes.haha.


ayiem said...

ure as cute as ever...ur cuz is down under??? is she dead???

aina said...

hehe thank u fahim:)
and no lah,she isnt dead.she is in aussie,the land down under?gettit?hahahaha