Sunday, December 14, 2008

i think demelza from autm is a bitch

i'm happpy.hehehehe.i cant stop smiling.i dunno why.nothing extraordinary has hppnd today and yet i cant stop grinning:))

oooh did i mention i feel like a mum these days?i know.weird rite.this is bcoz im with the baby 24/7.i even sleep with him.he kicks like no other.he pushes me.mingigau in the middle of the night.wakes up 4-5 times per night.cries and scream.sleeps on my tummy and my face.hugs me.forces me to pat and sing him a lullaby so he can doze off.

when he's sound asleep with his mouth open and legs all over the place.i often wonder to myself how could a cute little person produce such loud sounds.hmmn.

believe me,the whole idea of taking care of a child is tiresome.especially when night time approaches.

mummies out there,kudos.i now have a huge level of respect for u guys*proud tear*


nafasdunia said...

salute to moms rte?

aina said...

like totally:)

i still cant blive ur getting married!!!(ok,takde kn mengena.hehe)