Saturday, October 4, 2008

aina shazea,can u be moree of a loser than u already are?!get a hold of yerself!get ovr that jerk once and for all.u owe it to yerself and those who care about u.


nashrah said...

aina, its ok. these things take time :D said...

tam tam tam. yes take your time, but as you take your time aina, i want u to voice out to him what u really think and feel. -_-"

dum dum dum i hate raya. im in cyber and next week im having my final exam. dum dum dum. dont i sound a bit too cheerful? dum dum dum :P

great8plus1 said... week ke exam u?bijou darl!

great8plus1 said...

thanks mashed nash:)

nafasdunia said...

be strong my banana! :)

Azie said...

being with friends is the best remedy.
it has always worked for me.

oh or maybe you can go play with tawfiq and sara.

cute little creatures always make my day. :)

great8plus1 said...

thanks darlings:))