Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Holy shit.I feel fat,lazy and sluggish sorta like a siput.(sorry dot,i dont mean ur lazy)
i slept at 11 yday after gossip girl and woke up 5 mins ago which was at 2.35 pm tadi(do the math)
itupon i tebgn after a scary dream of class starting next week and the fact that i still havent salind my timetable.i guez my subconscious was kicking me in my dream,telling me to wake up and do smtg about with the amount of sleep i had and my timetable dilemma,i am having the most painful headache i've had in's sorta like a bang on the head followed by a ringing buzz in both my ears.and hence now im swollen and cant think straight.i know u might think ngada-ngada nye budak nie, tido byk pon nk complain like my closest frens and relatives would say aina, stop being all princess-ey!but in my defense i reallly am in pain.reallly!not giving birth pain but swollen-pain.and cant watch anything bright pain coz im squinting at my eyes at the monitor due to the fact that im still in dazed and cant hear anything with a high-pitch tune pain coz all i hear is buzzzzzzzz and ehhhhhhhhhhh(kinda like a hungry sheep sound).im hearing these two sounds as i write now.gonna ramble more to my maid about my this.ciao.