Friday, June 20, 2008

Say nooooooo to classes

My holidays are coming to an end:(
Here's a list of things i gotta do/accomplish before nightmare starts:-

  1. Watch 27 dresses,made of honour, wht happens in vegas and kung fu panda
  2. Exercise daily.5 mins everyday
  3. Read once a week
  4. Teach the baby how to say 'my best cousin is kak chic aina'.just to irritate k.shana
  5. Spend time with rafiq and shaq
  6. Learn how to cook. At least know how to cut fruits
  7. Do bonaffee pie(banana+coffee)
  8. Renew license
  9. Go to langkawi
  10. Bbq with the girls
  11. Have girly time with mry,nash and nadia
  12. Colour hair light brown
  13. Paint room
  14. Re-arrange closet.give away old baju:(
  15. Work for mama
  16. Buy more dresses.preferably flowy sunny dresses
  17. Buy a black clutch
There's moooore but m too tired to think.must sleep and eat choc to get energy